The component Options

You can access the component-wide options of Admin Tools through the Options button in its Control Panel page. Alternatively, you can go to your site's System, Global Configuration menu item and click on Admin Tools on the left hand sidebar.

Please note that this page is rendered and managed by Joomla! itself. We have very minimal control over it, namely on the names and types of the fields. The way that page displays and behaves is entirely controlled by Joomla! and your backend template. If you have observed a display or behavior issue the chances are we cannot help you since we cannot (and must not!) modify core Joomla! code. Such bugs should be reported to Joomla! instead.

The page has several tabs, documented below.

File Scanner

Configure how the PHP File Change Scanner works . This option only makes sense in the Professional edition which has the PHP File Change Scanner feature.

Calculate diffs when scanning

When this option is enabled, Admin Tools will calculate a "diff" for each modified file detected by the PHP File Scanner feature. The "diff" is a compact summary of the differences between the original and the current file. In order for this to be possible, Admin Tools has to keep a copy of each and every .php file on your site inside the database. Be advised that this consumes a lot of database space, about 20M for a relatively low to medium complexity site.

Send results to this email

When you make a scan from the site's frontend or through the CLI script the scan results will be automatically sent to this email address. If you leave it blank no email will be sent in this case.

Email only on actionable items

When enabled (default) the PHP File Change Scanner will send you an email with the scan results summary only when actionable items (added, modified or suspicious files) are detected. If nothing has changed you will get no email. Please remember that being sent an email requires setting up the Send results to this email option above.


Options which define how the backend of the component works.

Show graphs and statistics

Display graphs and statistics about security exceptions (Professional release only). This is useful visualisation to see the rate at which your site is being attacked. Lack of attacks does not mean that your site is at risk! Quite the contrary, it means that at this time period hackers have not been trying to attack your site.

Long Configure WAF page

When this option is disabled (default) the Configure WAF page will be shown using tabs. When this option is enabled the Configure WAF page will be shown in the old format: one long page. We generally recommend the tabbed version as it's easier to manage.

Automatically reorder the plugin

The System - Admin Tools plugin needs to be ordered as the first published plugin to work correctly. When you visit Admin Tools in the backend the plugin is automatically reordered to be the first one. In some rare cases other plugins need to be published first, for example alternative mail handlers such as CMandrill. In this case set this option to No.

WARNING! If you set this option to No it's up to you to reorder the plugin. If a vulnerable plugin is published before the System - Admin Tools plugin your site can be hacked. Admin Tools will be unable to protect you in this case since it will not be running before the vulnerable code, therefore unable to detect the attack. Do not set this option to No unless you are absolutely sure you understand the risks.


This allows you to schedule the PHP File Change Scanner by accessing a special frontend URL.

Enable frontend scheduling

When enabled it allows you to the PHP File Change Scanner without logging in to the backend. This option is NOT required for using the CLI script.

Secret Word

Required to authorize a remote PHP File Change Scanner execution. Also protects that feature against Denial of Service attacks by requiring you to pass this secret word in the front-end PHP File Change Scanner URL.

Please note that if you use any character other than a-z, A-Z and 0-9 you MUST NOT use the secret word verbatim in the front-end URL. Instead, you have to URL-encode it. The PHP File Change Scanner Scheduling page does that automatically for you. Just go to Components, Admin Tools, click PHP File Change Scanner Scheduling, scroll all the way down and use one of the tabs to get the URL or command line you need to use with the secret word properly encoded in the URL.

For security reasons, you must use a complex enough secret word. Admin Tools enforces that by disabling the front-end scanner feature if you are using a Secret Word with a low complexity. We strongly recommend using a "secret word" consisting of at least 16 random, mixed case alphanumeric characters. It should not be a dictionary word or based off a dictionary word. One good resource for truly random secret words is's password generator.


Why is this field not a password field? The Secret word is transmitted in the clear when you load the page and is also visible when you view the source of the page or right click on the field and choose Inspect Element. In other words, as long as someone has access to the component configuration page they can trivially find out the secret word. Not to mention that the secret work is also plainly visible in the PHP File Change Scanner Scheduling page. Always use HTTPS with a commercially signed SSL certificate when configuring or scanning your site.

Timezone for emails

All dates and times in the emails sent by Admin Tools to warn you about potential security issues will be expressed in the selected timezone. use the option Server Timezone to let Admin Tools use the Server Timezone setting in your site's System, Global Configuration page.

Default: GMT


Configure how updates to the component work

Download ID

If and only if you are using the Professional release you have to specify your Download ID for the live update feature to work properly. You can get your Download ID by visiting and clicking My Subscriptions. Your Download ID is printed below the list of subscriptions. Filling in this field is required so that only users with a valid Professional subscription can download update packages, just as you'd expect from any commercial software.


Users of Admin Tools Core do not need to supply this information.

Enable anonymous PHP, MySQL and Joomla! version reporting

Help us improve our software by anonymously and automatically reporting your PHP, MySQL and Joomla! versions. This information will help us decide which versions of Joomla!, PHP and MySQL to support in future versions.

Note: we do NOT collect your site name, IP address or any other directly or indirectly unique identifying information.


This is the standard Joomla! ACL permissions setup tab. Admin Tools fully supports supports Joomla! ACLs.

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