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The plugins powering the One Click Update feature


This feature is only available in Admin Tools Professional, the for-a-fee edition of our software

Admin Tools Professional can send you e-mails to remind you of available updates to itself or to the Joomla! CMS. By default, when a new version is detected, it will send an email to all Super Administrators on your site notifying them of the available update. Even better, it goes one step further than simply notifying you of the availability of the new version. Clicking on the link found in the update notification email you are automatically taken to your site and forwarded to the relevant update page (Joomla! Update for Joomla! CMS updates and Admin Tools' Live Update page for Admin Tools updates), which starts installing the new version automatically.


Since Admin Tools 2.6.1 the update URL does not log you in to your site. You will need to enter your login information in the login page of your site's administrator area before the update proceeds.

If you want you can OPTIONALLY enable the automatic log in feature in the email plugins' parameters. However you are discouraged from doing so as it can be a security risk. In order for the automatic log in feature to work the System - One Click Actions plugin must also be activated.

The update emails are sent by two plugins:

  • The System - Admin Tools Update Email plugin will send you e-mails for Admin Tools updates

  • The System - Admin Tools Joomla! Update Email plugin will send you e-mails for updates of Joomla! itself

Update checks will be performed periodically, without having you to log in to your site's back-end. These checks will be performed as long as your site receives about page views every day at a minimum.


Since Admin Tools Professional 2.4.4 you can specify just one Super Administrator to be emailed. In order to do that please go to Extensions, Plug-in Manager and click on the System - Akeeba Backup Update Check entry from the list. You have two options:

Email language

On multi-lingual websites this forces the email to be sent in a specific language. Enter the language code you want, e.g. en-GB for English (Great Britain), de-DE for German, fr-FR for French, es-ES for Spanish (Spain) and so on.

Super Admin Email

Enter the email address of a Super Administrator. The email you enter must match the email address set up in the user profile of an existing Super Administrator on the site. If it's left blank (default) all Super Administrators will be emailed when an update is found. If it's invalid or doesn't belong to an existing Super Administrator then no email will be sent.

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