Update Check


Displayed on the Plugin Manager as System - Akeeba Backup Update Check.

This plugin will send an email whenever Joomla reports there is an updated version of Akeeba Backup available. The email goes out either to all Super Users of the site (default) or just one specific Super User that you've configured in the plugin.

Please note that update detection IS NOT performed by our component or this plugin. Joomla is exclusively responsible for determining whether there is an update available. If you have a problem with Joomla not detecting an update or always saying there is an update available despite you having already installed the reported available version or a newer version we would appreciate it if you did not file a support request or bug report. The problem in this case resides in Joomla's code that detects updates for all extensions. Since it's not our code we cannot fix it – and yes, we are aware of several things that can and do go wrong with Joomla's code but our offers to fix them have consistently been turned down.

Moreover, it should be clarified that the plugin cannot and will not update Akeeba Backup on your behalf. You will need to visit the site and run the update yourself.

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