Site setup page

The Site Setup page can be used to optionally modify details of your restored e-shop. It's not mandatory to go through its options if you are restoring on top of the same site you backed up from. All of the information in this page is pre-populated with the values read from the file which was present in your backup archive's root.

ANGIE for PrestaShop - The site setup page

The first area is called Site Parameters and contains the most basic options for your site.

The Site Name is the name of the restored PrestaShop e-shop which appears throughout the PrestaShop application.

The third area is the Super User settings.

In this pane you can change the details of one of the Super Users (administrators) on your site. First, select the username of the Super User you want to modify from the User name drop-down list. Then, simply type and retype the new password in the two passwords fields below. Finally, the E-mail address field is the e-mail address linked to that Super User. Make sure the address you type in here is not used already used by another user of the site or you will be unable to reset your Super User password if you forget it.


This feature can change the password of exactly one Super User account (the one selected in the drop-down box). Its reason of existence is to allow you to reset the Super User password should you forget it or quite simply don't know it (e.g. restoring a client's site to a dev server).

Finally, click on the Next button to let ANGIE write your site's new file and display the final page.

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