Site setup page

The Site Setup page can be used to optionally modify details of your restored blog. It's not mandatory to go through its options if you are restoring on top of the same site you backed up from. All of the information in this page is pre-populated with the values read from the wp-config.php file which was present in your backup archive's root.

ANGIE for WordPress - The site setup page

The Site Name is the name of the restored WordPress blog which appears throughout the WordPress application.

The Live site URL is the URL to your blog site. If you are moving to a different location / server please make sure it matches the new location of your blog site, otherwise WordPress will fail to load.

The next two options should not be touched unless you know what you are doing. These correspond to options that you can normally only change when you are editing wp-config.php manually, i.e. they are not settings that WordPress would normally allow you to set up in its famous five minute installation or through the wp-admin area.

Finally, click on the Next button to let ANGIE write your site's new configuration and display the Replace data page.

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