Fetch e-mail for replies and new tickets


This CRON script is NOT availabe in Akeeba Ticket System Core.

Allowing users to create new tickets or reply to existing ones via email requires Akeeba Ticket System to somehow periodically check for new email and process it. One way is using the system plugin discussed in a previous section, with all the downsides discussed there. The other way –and much more reliable– is using the ats-mail-fetch.php script in a CRON job.


Only enable one of the two methods. Don't enable both, it will cause double posts and unforeseen issues with your site.

The CRON command line you need to use is like this:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/USER/webroot/cli/ats-mail-fetch.php

For details regarding the paths please consult our "Setting up CRON jobs, in general" documentation page.