Remove attachments


This CRON script is NOT availabe in Akeeba Ticket System Core.

While allowing your users to post attachments is an invaluable tool for letting them clarify the issue they're requesting support for it has a major drawback: attachments take up space on your server. We have observed that the space taken by attachments on a busy support ticket system –like the one we have on– may easily grow to over 100Mb per month and soon become a huge burden for your site. To this end you need a way to automatically remove old attachment files which are no longer relevant.

That's what the ats-remove-attachments.php script does. It will remove all attachments which are older than "Maximum attachment age (days)", as set in the component's Options page. For details you may want to consult the documentation of the Options page.

The CRON command line you need to use is like this:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/USER/webroot/cli/ats-remove-attachments.php

For details regarding the paths please consult our "Setting up CRON jobs, in general" documentation page.

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