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The "system" plugins

Akeeba Ticket System reply by email


This plugin is NOT availabe in Akeeba Ticket System Core.

Displayed in the Joomla! Plugin Manager as System - Akeeba Ticket System reply by email.

In order for the "reply by email" feature of Akeeba Ticket System to work you need a way to have ATS periodically check for new email. There are two ways: a proper CRON job (discussed in the CRON scripts chapter) and this plugin. You MUST always enable only one of them, not both!

This plugin implements a pseudo-CRON. As long as there is adequate traffic on your site it will periodically fetch email and process it. Due to its nature it has some MAJOR shortfalls:

  • You need adequate traffic. If there is not enough traffic hitting your web server 24/7 this will NOT work. As a result it doesn't work very well (or at all) when you are using a CDN or caching on your site.

  • It will slow your site down. How much depends on your mail server. Visitors on your site will experience a delay in their page load times when this plugin is activated and checking for email.