Configuration files

Akeeba Remote CLI is looking for a personalized configuration file. This is true on every Operating System except Microsoft Windows which does not make available the necessary information to do so.


Configuration files only apply to remote.phar. The Dockerized version does not read files from your user folder.

The file is named .akeebaremotecli (mind the leading dot!) and is located in your home directory. In standard Unix notation that would be ~/.akeebaremotecli

This is a plain text file which follows the INI format. Each configuration section can define a set of options which have the same effect as being passed to the command line itself. Each section is referenced by the --host command line parameter. If you do not define a host, the default entry [akeebaremotecli] will be used instead.

Configuration file example:




Example using the default section (tests the connection):

remote.phar test

Example using a named section, without having to specify a command (takes a backup with profile #2):

remote.phar backup --host=mybackup

Example using a named section, specifying commands and overriding options (takes a backup with profile #1);

remote.phar backup --host=example --profile=1

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