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Using the new Akeeba Next Generation Installer Engine (ANGIE) restoration script

Akeeba Next Generation Installer Engine (ANGIE) is the installation script included by default with all backups taken with Akeeba Backup 3.7.4 or newer, unless you specified otherwise. If your screen looks completely different to the screenshots in this section please read the section on ABI instead.

Accessing ANGIE

Accessing the restoration script (ANGIE) can be accomplished with two different ways. If you are using Kickstart, simply click the Run the Installer button as soon as Kickstart finished extracting your site's files. If you are not using Kickstart, you can access the restoration script by typing in your browser's address bar, substituting with your site's domain name. If you don't see anything on the page (blank page), or get a page full of strange errors, take a look at this troubleshooting page.

Each page of ANGIE has a link back to the relevant section of this Quick Start Guide. If you ever feel that you got lost, you can click on the link at the top of the page to come back here for reference.