System requirements

UNiTE requires the following minimum system configuration:

  • PHP 5.4.0 or later. PHP 5.6.0 or later recommended for optimal operation.

  • You need the PHP CLI binary. The PHP CGI binary won't do and will most likely result to incomplete site restorations.

  • A Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or other UNIX-compatible server with command line access (UNiTE is a command line script).

  • Your PHP must support the database drivers you intend to use and have the FTP and cURL extensions installed and activated.

UNiTE currently supports all the database drivers supported by Akeeba Backup and Akeeba Solo. However, it is impossible to restore a site on a different database technology. This means that a backed up site using the MySQLi driver can be restored to a server using the PDOMySQL driver (same database technology, MySQL). However, a backed up site using the MySQLi driver CANNOT be restored to a Microsoft SQL Server server (different database technology, MySQL vs SQL Server)

UNiTE supports the restoration of JPA, ZIP and JPS backup archives taken with Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 5.1.0 and later, Akeeba Backup for WordPress 1.9.0 and later and Akeeba Solo 1.9.0 and later.

Backup archives taken with older versions of Akeeba Backup / Akeeba Solo are partially supported: they have to be Joomla! or WordPress site backups using a MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL database.

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