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FOF 3.x

version 3.1.4 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 28 November 2017 03:42

We regularly release new versions of FOF to fix known issues and introduce new features. You can find an overview of this version's changes below.


Bug fixes

  • [LOW] The default UCM content type information still referenced FOF 2
  • [LOW] The logoutUser platform method did not work

New features

  • Select helper for use with Akeeba Frontend Framework (currently internal to Akeeba Ltd)

Miscellaneous changes

  • Deprecated DataModel::blacklistFilters for getting the filter list. Use getBlacklistFilters instead.
  • Deprecated XML Forms and associated features (fields, automatic validation, scaffolding, ...). They will be removed in FOF 4.0. We recommend using Blade (or PHP) templates instead.
  • Joomla! 3 renderer: using methods to open and close the component HTML output wrapper elements instead of hardcoding the output in pre-/post-render methods.
  • Joomla! 4: Bump maximum Joomla! version suported by FOF and FOF-based extensions to 4.0.999
  • Joomla! 4: Change rendering of toolbar tabs to match Bootstrap 4 styling, when using the "classic" linkbar rendering option (default)
  • Joomla! 4: Component installation workarounds for Joomla! 3 (_createAdminMenus and _reallyPublishAdminMenuItems) will not run under Joomla! 4 as they'd break the installation.
  • Joomla! 4: Do not use JVersion constant access as class properties