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Akeeba Solo (Standalone)

version 2.0.2 Stable

Released on: Friday, 16 September 2016 11:37

Release Notes

What's new

Compatibility with obsolete PHP 5.6 version. PHP 5.6.0 to 5.6.5 inclusive were released more than two years ago. These old, obsolete, EXTREMELY INSECURE (= you ARE going to get hacked if you use them) versions also have very signifficant bugs in the way they handle code optimisation. These bugs cause our software to fail when trying to read the permissions of certain files. This is NOT an issue with our software, it's an issue with PHP itself. By pure coincidence these PHP bugs were not triggered by previous versions of our software. This version works around this issue by reordering three lines of code. It's the code equivalent of changing "drink water, move glass to left hand, touch nose" to "move glass to left hand, touch nose, drink water". If you are not using the very latest PHP 5.6 version (5.6.25 at the time of this writing) your site WILL get hacked because of KNOWN security issues.

Working towards PHP 7.1 compatibility. PHP 7.1 has deprecated the mcrypt encryption library which is used for settings encryption and JPS encrypted backup archives. This version of Akeeba Backup can use either the mcrypt or the OpenSSL extensions of PHP for encryption. One of them must be installed for encryption to work. On the plus side, the OpenSSL extension is much faster, leading to faster backups.

Missing files from the backup on very few servers. This usually occurs when running a backup through CLI / CRON (through the akeeba-backup.php file). In these cases the size of the CLI backup will appear much smaller than the size of a backup taken from the backend of your site. This issue is highly server-specific and affected only very few servers. We made some optimizations to the backup engine which circumvent this issue.

Better detection of third party issues that break Akeeba Backup. This includes CloudFlare's disastrous “Rocket Loader” feature which breaks all JavaScript in your sites; also table corruption due to the database server's fault. Now you will be warned about these issues and given instructions to fix them.

Improvements to Microsoft Azure support. Now using the API version 2015-04-05 which is the latest at the time of this writing. Furthermore, you can store files larged than 64Mb.

Local time zone support in Manage Backups page. You can select whether to see GMT time (like previous versions) or local time for the backup start time in the Manage Backups page. This setting does not affect backup file naming where GMT time is always used (otherwise the naming of your backups would confusingly differ based on who and how is backing up your site).

PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server / Azure SQL Server support in the Core version. The 0.1% of you who don't use MySQL can now use Akeeba Backup Core to backup and restore your site on PostgreSQL or MS SQL Server. Please note that you can not restore to a different database server technology. That is to say that you can not take a backup of a MySQL site and restore it to a PostgreSQL server or vice versa.

Fixed issues with the displayed backup size. When you had enabled the “Process each part immediately” option but not the “Delete archive after processing” option (or when you had chosen the post- processing engine is “No post-processing”) the recorded backup archive size was larger (typically double) the actual backup size. So if you suddenly see the backup size dropping in half after installing this version of Akeeba Backup don't freak out and don't ask for support; just check the actual size of your backups and you'll see they didn't change between the previous version and this one.

Updating Akeeba Backup for WordPress to version 2.0.x

Due to changes in the packaging format and / or issues in the updater, you cannot update automatically from Akeeba Backup for WordPress versions 1.0 through 1.8.2 (inclusive) to version 1.9.0 and beyond. You will have to do that manually.

Heads up! You must NOT uninstall or deactivate the plugin before the update. Doing so may result in loss of your backup settings and / or your backup archives. Instead, here's what to do:

  • Download the ZIP file for Akeeba Backup for WordPress 2.0 and extract it locally. You will see an extracted folder named akeebabackupwp.
  • Upload the files from the extracted akeebabackupwp folder into your site's wp-content/plugins/akeebabackupwp folder, overwriting your existing files, using FTP or SFTP. Please note that the name of the folder on your site may be different than akeebabackupwp, e.g. akeebabackupwpcore, akeebabackupwp (1) or something similar. It depends on how you installed the plugin.
  • Log in to WordPress' wp-admin and access Akeeba Backup for WordPress to automatically complete the update process. There is no message when the process completes. You just see the main page of Akeeba Backup for WordPress (this means the update succeeded).

You will only need to do this once, upgrading to version 1.9 or later for the first time.

PHP 5.3.3 or later or PHP 7 is required

Akeeba Solo and Akeeba Backup for WordPress 1.9 are compatible with PHP 5.3.04 and later versions, including 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and the newest version of PHP, 7.0. We'd like to remind you that most third party software which can be backed up by our software do not support PHP 7 yet. As a result we can't guarantee a trouble-free restoration or tha the restored site will work on PHP 7 as this depends entirely on the software powering your site.


New features

  • ANGIE: Prevent direct web access to the installation/sql directory

Miscellaneous changes

  • PHP 5.6.3 (and possibly other old 5.6 versions) are buggy. We rearranged the order of some code to work around these PHP bugs.

Release Files

Akeeba Solo Core

PHP 5.3 PHP 5.4 PHP 5.5 PHP 5.6 PHP 7.0

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