Kickstart 3.5.2

Kickstart 3.5.2 just released

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Akeeba Kickstart 3.5.2, a bugfix release. This release now comes in two editions, Akeeba Kickstart Core (free of charge for all) and Akeeba Kickstart Professional (available only to subscribers).

This release addresses some known issues with Akeeba Kickstart Professional and Amazon S3 on servers lacking a server-wide CA certificate cache.

As always, you can download Akeeba Kickstart from our Downloads page.

Please note that since July 7th, 2011, support is provided only to subscribers. We have created a cheap (7.79€) subscription, MINISUPPORT, which gives you access to our Support Ticket System for eight days, with the same priority as all subscribers to any subscription level (including the ability to post private tickets). If you already have a subscription to any of our subscription levels you are already entitled to Kickstart support by posting your support request in the Site Restoration category.


Minor changes

  • Added a cacert.pem file in Kickstart Professional's package, allowing servers lacking a CA certificate cache to connect to Amazon S3

Bug fixes

  • Error messages from S3 would not show up in the interface, making error resolution impossible

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