Akeeba Backup for WordPress comes in two different editions: the free of charge CORE edition and the for-a-fee (subscription based) Professional. Most first-time users will want to use the CORE edition to get started with backups. Advanced users and web professionals will want to upgrade to the Professional version to make use of the most advanced features.

To help you decide if Akeeba Backup Professional for WordPress is worth trying, we have compiled the following comparison table:

Akeeba Backup Plug-in Features
Backup your entire site and its database with a single click Yes Yes
Restoration script included in the backup archive
We are the only ones to offer self-contained backup archives
Yes Yes
User interface translations into many languages
Yes Yes
Automatically fine-tune the configuration to suit your preferences and server setup Yes Yes
Configuration encrypted with strong 128-bit AES cryptography No Yes
Generate standard ZIP or custom JPA format backup archive files, including split ZIP/JPA Yes Yes
Direct server-to-server transfer of your site over FTP/FTPS (DirectFTP) No Yes
Direct server-to-server transfer of your site over SFTP (DirectSFTP) No Yes
AES-128 encrypted archives (JPS format) No Yes
Optimized database dump (Extended INSERTs) Yes Yes
Front-end backup feature allowing scheduled (CRON) backups
Front-end CRON functionality requires third party software (e.g. wget, curl) and web access
Yes Yes
Efficient native command-line PHP scripts for use in CRON scheduling
No Yes
Multiple backup profiles Yes Yes
Backup only your site's database or only your files No Yes
Incremental files only backup No Yes
Administer your backup files (download, delete) Yes Yes
Import arbitrary archive files No Yes
Restore your backup files from within the plug-in
(full site backup archives only)
No Yes
Exclude arbitrary directories, files or directory contents
(individual item selection)
Yes Yes
Exclude database tables or table contents only
(individual item selection)
Yes Yes
Regular expressions (PCRE) file, directory and database filters No Yes
Option to exclude non-WordPress database tables No Yes
Include extra MySQL databases in the backup set No Yes
Include off-site directories in the backup set No Yes
Cloud  Backup Send backup archives to any FTP, FTPS and SFTP server No Yes
Cloud  Backup Store backup archives on Amazon S3 and restore from archives stored there No Yes

Cloud  Backup Store backup archives on DropBox,, Google Storage, iDriveSync, SugarSync, RackSpace CloudFiles, Microsoft Windows Azure BLOB Storage and any WebDAV server (allowing you to use another 40+ cloud storage services)

No Yes
Fine-grained quota management, even for remote files No Yes


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