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Why SiteGround?

After a series of heavy tests, talks and even a day of Joomla bug-fixing with their team, SiteGround undoubtedly earned a top rank recommendation. You can see why below and so that it doesn't seem like plain talking, you can now test-drive their services with a 3-month free hosting for Akeeba backup users.

One of the Best Server Optimizations Out There

SiteGround's shared servers are extremely well optimized for Joomla's specifications. And it shows right away: during the first test-drive of their services, they achieved mind-blowing results. In order to get close to their performance on our local machines, we had to use an i5, 8GB RAM, SSD, Ubuntu Server and Nginx with PHP-FPM. And they topped that even then on a shared hosting environment, which is unbelievable.

Amazing Joomla Hosting Speed

Naturally, the first thing to test in a web host is how fast the Akeeba plugin completes a backup of a whole Joomla installation. At SiteGround, Akeeba Backup performed its fastest time so far, bar none. Our own website loading speed benchmark test with one of the heaviest pages on our website returned amazing results - even before turning on their in-house Joomla dynamic cache. Once the SuperCacher was in effect, the speed was mindblowing.

Outstanding Tech Support who Love Joomla

I dealt with SiteGround's support team first as a user and later on as a tutor - they asked me to do an Akeeba backup training for their staff, so that they can help clients with plugin questions better. Later on we even took part in a Joomla bug-fixing session together. They often do in-house Joomla-related trainings and Joomla webinars for their clients and it really shows in the attitude and skills of their staff. They will not only transfer your Joomla for free, but also help you with more Joomla-related issues than any other host and do so faster than anyone else.

Great Feedback from Akeeba Users

A few personal suggestions to Akeeba clients to try out SiteGround's hosting services resulted in great feedback! We're always pleased to hear about another Akeeba backup user who switched to them and stopped having issues with their site straight away. The praise for their support services is also only getting stronger. This is not an affiliate-based partnership with SiteGround - what matters to us is the happiness of our users.

Too good to be true? Try them yourself.

Since I guess you, like me, prefer to believe your own experience, now you can simply go ahead and test their services for free - all Akeeba Backup users get 3 months Free hosting on StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek plans. To take advantage of the special offer, simply visit their website through this page:

Get 3 Months Free Hosting