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Maintain. Protect. Optimise.

Take a look at our Joomla! and PHP version compatibility chart.

Perform maintenance tasks. Protection against hackers. Optimise your site. All in one, neat bundle.

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Optimise your database tables. Clean your temporary directory. Or perform any of the countless other daily maintenance tasks with a single click each.

Your update's in the mail

When a Joomla! update is available, Admin Tools will email you. Better yet? Click on the link of the email and the update happens. No need to even log in to your site. A life-simplifying feature brought to you by the same people who wrote Joomla! Update itself.

Secure it

Randomise your Super Administrator ID. Change your database table prefix. Fine-tune your file permissions. All of them are just a button push away.


Protect your site

Our Web Application Firewall protects your site against the vast majority of common attacks. You won't find any security tool more feature-complete than this.

.htaccess Maker

Give your site the best overall protection. Create a sophisticated, secure .htaccess with an easy GUI. You don't have to be an expert. Or even know what a .htaccess file is.

Redirect easily

Do you find the Redirect component hard to use? Are you puzzled by its inability to redirect URLs with parameters? No problem! Admin Tools' URL Redirect can do that. And much more.


Watch. Sniff. Catch.

Admin Tools' PHP File Change Scanner will monitor your site's PHP files for changes. If something is amiss, it will let you know. It will even tell you which files might have been hacked.

Automate it

Let the most useful maintenance operations run automatically. Use a CRON to keep the file change scanner ticking while you're fast asleep. Simply and efficiently.


Admin Tools is available in two editions, Core and Professional. Admin Tools Core is our fully functional version, with some higher-end security features missing, available free of charge. Admin Tools Professional is the real deal, available only to subscribers of the ADMINTOOLS, ESSENTIALS and JOOMLADELUXE levels.

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Automated security software, like Admin Tools, can only enhance your site's security, not positively prevent all known and yet-to-be-known attacks against your site. You are strongly recommended, under all circumstances, to follow sane security practices —like updating your site's software regularly and keeping backups— on top of using this product.