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Provide updates. Reliably and easily.

Compatible with Joomla! 3.2 Joomla! 3.1 Joomla! 3.0 Joomla! 2.5

Akeeba Live Update is a library which allows any Joomla! component to provide one-click updates in the same way our software does for years. It is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3, meaning that you can use it on Open Source or Closed Source, free or commercial components without having to pay any royalties. It is provided free of charge to anyone interested.

I got here from a link I found in a component I use. Can you help me?

Most likely not. Akeeba Live Update is provided to developers free of charge and they include it in the software they build. We can only support the software we build ourselves. Please ask the developer of the component you use for support.

I am a developer. How can I get it?

The Akeeba Live Update library comes bundled together with Akeeba Release System. All you have to do is to copy the liveupdate directory to your component's back-end directory and add twenty lines of boilerplate PHP code. Just take a look at our components.

How do I get support?

You can file a support ticket in our Private Ticket System, under the “Akeeba Release System” category. You need to be a subscriber of the AKEEBADELUXE or SUPPORT plan. If enough interest builds from Free Software developers we might change this policy. If you found a bug and you want to submit a patch, feel free to drop us a line; we'll credit you for your patch and you'll have our eternal gratitude.

Is it easy to use?

Dead simple. You don't even have to use Akeeba Release System if you don't want to. It's designed so that it can work even with a simple hand-edited INI-format file accessible from the Internet. Configuring it is just six lines. Using it is just another five lines. It simply works.

Is it any good?

Ask any of the millions of users who have downloaded our software and use Live Update or its predecessors to update their components to the latest release with a single click. It not only works, it works even better than Joomla!'s extension upgrade feature. In fact, it's your best alternative if you have for-a-fee software which is not supported by Joomla!'s extension installer. If you're not convinced yet, just try it out.

How much does it cost?

It's provided free of charge and it is royalty free. You can even legally use it in closed source components under the same terms. No strings attached. Honest!

Free? No way! What's the catch?

There is no catch! The core value of Free Software is empowering users with the freedom of choice. We strongly believe that the same applies to developers. We just want to do our part in helping Joomla! developers around the globe solve a big problem: providing timely, easy updates to their non-technical users.