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Compare your backups. Spot the changes.

All sites are susceptible to hacking attempt. Attackers may hack you today and exploit you tomorrow. Or next month. How can you be sure that your site's files have not been hacked? Comparing them to a trusted backup, of course! Akeeba SiteDiff is a native Windows application which automates this procedure for you, making sure that you are always on top of your site's integrity. And it's free of charge. For ever. And for all.


Ease of use

Just give SiteDiff two files and it will do all the extraction, comparison and presentation of the results for you. It takes less than a minute for medium sized sites.

Trustworthy results

File comparisons are done by comparing the file contents using the industry-standard MD5 algorithm. Unlike competitive solutions, SiteDiff will never rely on file sizes or file dates to compare files.


SiteDiff supports all ZIP, JPA and JPS archives produced by Akeeba Backup. You can even compare different archive types, for example a ZIP archive against a JPS archive.

Filter and export

You can filter and export the list so that you can complete a thorough investigation without having to run SiteDiff all over again.

Akeeba SiteDiff is provided free of charge. For all. And for ever. Just because we can. What are you waiting for?