Alternative CRON script for backup failure check


This feature is only available in Akeeba Backup Professional.

Requires the Enable Legacy Front-end Backup API (remote CRON jobs) option to be enabled in the component's Options, Frontend tab.

This script uses the front-end backup failure check feature outlined above. The alternative CRON script is located in cli/akeeba-altcheck-failed.php, and must be run from the command-line PHP interface (PHP CLI).

In order to schedule a backup failure check, you will have to use the following command line to your host's CRON interface:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/USER/webroot/cli/akeeba-altcheck-failed.php

where /usr/local/bin/php is the path to your PHP CLI executable and /home/USER/webroot is the absolute path to your web site's root. You can get this information from your host.

The same considerations and scheduling information as the alternative backup CRON script apply.

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