Our Team

Akeeba Ltd has assembled an international team of talented developers to develop, maintain and support our software. Meet our team members:


Photo of Nicholas

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos Director

Nicholas studied Mechanical Engineering but web development ultimately won his heart. He's been programming since he was eleven years old in a variety of programming languages such various dialects of BASIC, x86 assembly, Pascal, Delphi, Fortran and –since 2001– PHP. He has been using Joomla! since the Mambo days, first as a front-end developer and since late 2006 as the lead developer of JoomlaPack, what is now known as Akeeba Backup.

In 2009 the name of the backup software changed to Akeeba Backup and the company was founded to support its commercial branch. In the following years the software portfolio grew by half a dozen components and a rapid application framework (FOF) that's included in Joomla! itself since Joomla! 3.2.0.



Photo of Davide

Davide Tampellini Senior developer

Davide Tampellini (born in 1985) is an Italian programmer. After some time spent on desktop programming, he embraces the web and starts developing with Joomla!, working as freelancer with web agencies and creating extensions on his own. When he finds the Framework On Framework project, it's love at first sight: now he can't work without it.


Photo of Dale

Dale L. Brackin Support specialist

Dale joined the Akeeba Team back in the JoomlaPack days. He did volunteer support for about three years before an inactive period. He started in support again in late 2013. He is an accountant by trade with a long time fascination (addiction?) for computers. He started his journey on a "True Blue" IBM PC with dual 5 1/4" floppy drives (no hard drives in those days), running MS DOS 1.x and using mainly VisiCalc for application software. And yes - there were dinosaurs in those days! Dale lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA with his wife. Both are active in Kiwanis International, a global volunteer community service organization.

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