Chapter 7. Introduction


Since you have chosen the application for backing your site up, it is obvious that you are using a PHP script to power your site, embarking into the joyful adventure of managing a PHP powered website. Usually, this last part is gone unnoticed. The fact that you are using a PHP application is often taken for granted, but when it comes down to security and problem solving, this is the key concept of which you should have a strong grasp.

This part of the documentation deals with the basic concepts of PHP website management and their implications upon using the application. In this part, we will see the intricacies of access permissions, web site users and the impact of various PHP settings on your site's operability and security. This is not meant to be a concise manual on website administration. There are plenty of web and off-line resources with more in-depth information on the subject, but this introduction will quickly get you up to speed.

This document is no light reading; it is purposely sprinkled with a lot of tech-talk, albeit explained in layman's terms. Our objective was not to write a document which can be read and understood in a single reading. Some things you will understand by the first time you'll have read it. Most of it you will only get it after reading it again. A few shady areas will only become clear reading over again and referring to it every time you get stuck managing your site.

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