Chapter 6. Information for removed or canceled features

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, some features prove to either be far less than ideal or impossible to create in a way that makes practical sense. The reasons behind the decisions to remove or cancel features may not be obvious. These articles try to shed some light.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business [THIS ARTICLE IS NO LONGER VALID]

Updated October 10th, 2019.


Microsoft OneDrive for Business is supported in Akeeba Backup 7.0.0.b1 and later versions.

This article is currently a historical note, summing up the convoluted story behind this feature.

Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft OneDrive for Business have historically been two separate products. In fact, they shared nothing except their name. The underlying technology was completely different. The original OneDrive integration in Akeeba Backup could only work with "regular" OneDrive because that's what the Microsoft-provided API only supported. Due to the misleading branding we had several users who would try to use OneDrive for Business and fail.

We made several attempts integrating OneDrive for Business, following Microsoft's documentation for interacting with OneDrive for Business. However, every time we spent the time to write a new integration Microsoft would pull the rug under our feet by discontinuing the method they had documented, without prior notice.

In 2018 Microsoft came up with a unified API for all its services, called Microsoft Graph API. However, at that point in time they chose to apply unrealistic rate limiting. In practical terms, uploading a 1GB backup archive to OneDrive using the Microsoft Graph API would take several days with the rate limiting Microsoft was applying.

This led to us making a really tough decision: we would not support Microsoft OneDrive for Business until Microsoft would commit to an API that supported both OneDrive products and was practical to use.

Fast forward to Summer 2019. The Microsoft Graph API is now mature and well documented, without any unrealistic rate limiting. Even better, its OneDrive and OneDrive for Business unified interface is very similar to how the old OneDrive API works. We could now create a unified OneDrive integration that supports all kinds of OneDrive and OneDrive for Business storage accounts.

Therefore beginnign with Akeeba Backup 7.0.0.b1, released in October 2019, we support both Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft OneDrive for Business using the Microsoft Graph API. As long as Microsoft keeps developing and documenting MSGraph we will continue supporting both products in Akeeba Backup.

Users that had already linked their sites to OneDrive are recommended to switch to the new "Upload to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business" integration. You need to link your sites with OneDrive again. The old integration will eventually go away.

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