Server environment requirements

In order to work, Akeeba Backup requires the following server software environment:

  • Joomla!™ and PHP version compatibilities are detailed in our Compatibility page.

  • MySQL 5.0.42 or later. MySQL 5.1 or later recommended for optimal performance. MySQL 4.x is not supported. Alternatively you may use PostgreSQL 9.1+, Microsoft SQL Server 2008+ or Microsoft Windows Azure SQL database. Akeeba Backup (since version 3.8.0) is able to backup and restore databases running on any of the above server technologies.

  • Minimum 24Mb of PHP memory_limit (sufficient only for smaller web sites, without many plug-ins and modules running). More is better. 32Mb to 64Mb recommended for optimal performance on large sites. 128Mb is recommended for sites containing deep-nested directories with thousands of files.

    Even though Akeeba Backup may run on servers with a lesser memory limit, it is unlikely that it will ever finish the backup process.

  • The PHP function opendir must be available.

  • Available free space or quota limit about 75%-80% of your site's size (excluding the cache, temporary and backup directories).

  • The cURL PHP module must be installed for FTP and cloud backup to work.

As far as the browser is concerned, you can use:

  • Internet Explorer 9, or greater (IE7 and IE6 are not supported, IE8 users may get random backup crashes on larger sites).

  • Safari 4, or greater

  • Opera 9, or greater. Experimental support due to lack of interest by users.

  • Google Chrome 4 or greater. This is the best supported browser.

Some versions of Firefox are displaying erratic behaviour with Javascript. We cannot guarantee trouble-free operation under Firefox. Most likely it will work just fine, but if you do spot an odd behaviour please try using one of the supported browsers above before assuming there is a bug in our software. Most likely it's a bug in your version of Firefox.

In any case, you must make sure that Javascript is enabled on your browser for the backup to work. If you are using AVG antivirus, please disable its Link Checker feature (and reboot your computer) as it is known to cause problems with several Javascript-based web applications, including Akeeba Backup and its tools.