Troubleshooting issues after restoring your site / issues on your restored site

Sometimes, when restoring a site on a different host or when transferring a site between a local and a live server, you will end up with a misbehaving site. The following pages will allow you to troubleshoot such issues.

Please indicate the problem you want to solve. Tip: You may have to go through more than one of the following pages:

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404 Component Not Found error on the restored site

This means that you had a partial restoration. This usually comes from a partial backup or a partial extraction. Why the restoration succeeded? Well, the restoration script and the database dump (what is used during a site restoration) is written in the start of an archive file. Even with a partial extraction you might have enough information to perform a restoration. However, Joomla! requires all of its files to operate. As a result, you can't access your site.

First try downloading the backup archive from the original server again and retry a restoration. If it fails for a second time, please try extracting the archive locally, transfer the files to the new site and retry a restoration (without using Kickstart of course, as you have already extracted the archive).

If that still fails and you have access to the original site, transfer all of its files except the file named configuration.php to your new site, overwriting existing files. When the transfer is complete you should be able to access your new site. If this worked, be advised that your backup archive was incomplete or corrupt.