Documentation Troubleshooter

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

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December 2013


This book covers the most common troubleshooting instructions for our software.

Table of Contents

1. Welcome
Welcome to the troubleshooter
Pre-Sales Questions
Feature requests and translations
Akeeba Backup troubleshooting guide
Installation, upgrade and update troubleshooting for Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools and other software on Joomla!
Your Joomla! site's back-end is blank except for a Akeeba Backup notification icon
Miscellaneous instructions for Akeeba Backup
Akeeba Backup problems, can't run or start a backup and related interface issues
Warnings about unreadable files and directories backing up a site with Akeeba Backup
I get a "JFTP::chmod: Bad response" error in Akeeba Backup for Joomla! Control Panel page
I get an error about something regarding T_OBJECT / I get a blank page when I try to access Akeeba Backup
Akeeba Backup for Joomla! throws an AJAX Error, 500 Internal Server Error or the backup does not complete
Akeeba Backup for WordPress / Akeeba Solo throws an AJAX Error, 500 Internal Server Error or the backup does not complete
Where are my Akeeba Backup backup archive files and how can I download them?
How do I restore a backup and where do I find information about Kickstart?
How do I know that my backup archive works? What happens if I have a backup problem? How do I get support?
My backup files are not being uploaded to Amazon S3
Troubleshooting instructions for Akeeba Kickstart
Akeeba Kickstart won't run at all or throws a Parse Error
I get PHP Fatal errors when trying to run Akeeba Kickstart
Akeeba Kickstart starts but it does not list my archive files
Akeeba Kickstart starts, but can't extract the archive, throws an AJAX Error, Invalid Archive Header or other error
Troubleshooting on a local server
Troubleshooting on a live server
Any other Akeeba Kickstart issue
Restoration troubleshooting
ANGIE reports that the session write path and the installation directory is unreadable
PHP errors , warnings, notices or a blank page upon accessing ANGIE / restoration
Some required or optional settings are red in ANGIE's first page
I can't restore my database, or receive AJAX Error, timeout or other errors while restoring my database with ANGIE
I restored my database but can't proceed to the next page of ANGIE
My configuration.php wasn't written to disk after ANGIE ran
Any other ANGIE error
Troubleshooting issues after restoring your site / issues on your restored site
404 Component Not Found error on the restored site
Common issues on restored sites and how to solve them
Common issues on restored sites due to PHP incompatibilities between the source and target server
When updating the restored site, the original site changes as well (Entangled web sites)
Clicking on a link on the restored site takes me to the original site (link migration issues)
Special VirtueMart considerations and things you need to do to move sites with VirtueMart on another host/server/domain/directory
Issues arising from your computer configuration, browser, ISP, antivirus and firewall incompatibilities
How to schedule / automate your backups with Akeeba Backup
Any other Akeeba Backup related question
The Post-Installation Messages component included in Joomla! is broken
Akeeba eXtract Wizard
Akeeba Remote Control
Akeeba Release System (ARS)
Akeeba SiteDiff
Admin Tools troubleshooting guide
Admin Tools administrator password protection issues
Can not create or edit Managers, Administrators, Super Administrators using Admin Tools (403 error thrown)
Locked out of my site after applying a .htaccess using Admin Tools' .htaccess Maker
Admin Tools' Web Application Firewall (WAF) locked you out of your site
My components, modules or templates stopped working after using Admin Tools .htaccess Maker and how to determine and apply exceptions
Admin Tools upgrade and installation issues
I created a .htaccess file on my main site and I can't access my other domains on the same account
The administrator secret URL parameter is not working!
There are too many security exceptions. Should I be worried?