#31669 – Tips or warnings for migrating from cpanel with temp URL to Plesk with domain name?

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Tuesday, 27 August 2019 00:33 CDT
This is a request for advice rather than a troubleshooting request.

I am quoting a Wordpress site for a new client, and they have existing hosting that they want to use. The existing host is Plesk.

When I develop a new site when the client already has a website, I always develop it on my own reseller servers which are running cPanel, and then either migrate it over to their hosting (also cPanel), or point their DNS/'A' record to my server and make the site live.

However this time the client wants to remain with their hosting on Plesk.

I have two options, which one do you think is the best (most straightforward) option?
- Option 1: Build the new site on my cPanel reseller account using temporary URL. Migrate the approved site across to the Plesk environment. (What are some things to look out for? I read in some documentation that the extraction needs to be done in FTP mode? Also permissions on files will need to be reset by the host?)
- Option 2: The Plesk hosting support people have suggested that I build the new site using a subdomain eg newsite.domain.com.au and then migrate that across to the domain.com.au account. Is this just like performing a normal kickstart migration? Are there any other things I need to look out for? If it is Plesk to Plesk then there won't be issues with permissions, but perhaps there will be issues with URLs? Will the kickstart process handle this?

Which method would you use to do this?

Thanks for your help.
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Tuesday, 27 August 2019 02:15 CDT

first of all Please (as well as cPanel and all the other control panels) are just a web interface to manage your host space. So unless there is some kind of VERY weird configuration, it doesn't matter what's powering the control panel of your server. As a matter of fact, you can simply work locally using localhost, pack everything and then upload to the new domain. Kickstart and ANGIE will take care to extract and update any reference to the old environment and the old domain.

So, to sum up, Option 2 (or working locally) is the preferred option.
Option 1 (temporary URL) must be avoided at all costs. That's because temporary URLs (the ones with the tilde ~ char inside) have an unpredictable behavior since Apache sometimes fails to correctly determinate the current path/URL.

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Thursday, 26 September 2019 17:17 CDT
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